With The World Bank estimated that crowdfunding would reach $90 billion by 2020, adultXfunding was created to address the need for P2P & investments in the Business of the Adult Industry as this business sector has been passed over and not repersented by the mainstream financial sectors.

We offer a wide range of exciting businesses looking to expand & new start up’s looking to launch. The aim of the company, is to provide an industry leading platform for registered investors to make investments in viable investment opportunities.

This will be achieved through facilitating the funding of specific projects and business start-ups, the expansion of existing businesses, providing additional working capital funding, or the finance required for acquisition, and at the same time providing exciting and rewarding investment opportunities to individuals or advisors who have cash funds that they are seeking to invest.

The company will also assist with the provision of essential management support to businesses to help them grow and prosper, through a panel of independent specialists.

adultXfunding brings you Crowdfunding For Grown Ups.


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