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by Jason Maskell | Crowdfunding , Information

The information investors didn’t realise they were missing.

We are a UK business, based in London, the worlds leading financial centre. An industry that in 2016 contributed £124.2 billion gross value added (GVA) to the UK economy of which 51% was delivered by London. 

As the end of 2015, outstanding bank lending to all companies was £430 billion. Loans made available by banks to UK SMEs totalled £5.3 billion for Q1 2017, up seven per cent on Q4 2016. However the majority of the banks, VC, hedge funds and angel investors have totally missed out on one of the biggest investment opportunities currently available.

I am here to tell you about this multi billion dollar industry, used by millions daily - including many within the financial sector and give you the chance to make up for lost time. 

So what is it you ask, what is this amazing sector that you have been missing out on. I am talking about the adult industry, the biggest untapped investment opportunity currently out there and the one that many investors have failed to realise its potential.

Say the words adult industry or #SexTech and most people think porn. Porn has a market of over $13 billion, with sites like Pornhub averaging 81 million visitors a day, but there are so many other areas. Sex Toys sales are worth globally over $15 billion and the UK adult online retailer Lovehoney shipped over 5 million alone in 2016. 

Many of you reading this have helped companies increase their profits by buying their products or using their sites. So why as investors are you not wanting to take advantage of this? 

There is now a way you can safely look at this industry sector and start to enjoy the opportunities it can offer. (AXF) is the crowdfunding platform for the adult industry, launched by a team with over 30 years experience within the adult industry and supported experts in both the crowdfunding and financial sectors. You have the knowledge that all campaigns running on the platform have been reviewed and scrutinised so you can #InvestSafe.

The platform has been designed so all pledges made on campaigns can be made PRIVATE to remove the fear some may find in supporting these campaigns.

AXF is currently holding its own second equity investment round to aid with the platforms growth and expansion. If you are interested in knowing more about this or more about what opportunities the adult sector can offer, email me direct on . You can also join the Angel Investor Group on LinkedIn to keep up to date on new investment opportunities.

AXF offers #CrowdfundingForGrownUps so isn’t it time for us all to be grown up and not scared of the word SEX, after all, it does make the world go round.

Jason Maskell - Founder & Director - InCrowd Capital Ltd




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